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Cubes is an addictive snake game that is inspired by numbered blocks combined to create the largest number and create a snake with the largest head.

At the beginning of the game, you will control the snake whose smallest block is block number 2. Next, you will move your snake around the map to collect other blocks located on the map. When you collect the block with the largest number will be made a snake head, and the blocks are arranged in descending order from snake head to snake tail. Blocks when collected will be merged together. The bigger the number of your snake merges, the higher the chance of survival. When you merge a high number you can collect blocks from smaller numbered snakes. Or you can cut across your opponent to increase the score. But remember their block must be smaller than yours or you will be disqualified.

Having the skill to destroy the opponent is not enough, you also need to have defensive skills. When meeting snakes with higher scores than you, you need to stay away, even speed up to avoid the pursuit. Because if you don't pay attention, bigger opponents can swallow you up at any time. Or they will take away a large block that you have collected. A great strategy and keen observation will help you last longer to face a series of heavyweights in this game.


  • The novel matching game between snakes and 2048
  • Crisp graphics
  • Multiplayer game
  • Compete with all other players in the world
  • Addictive gameplay

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  • Move the mouse to control the direction
  • Right or left click to accelerate.
Have Fun!