Monkey Mart

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Monkey Mart - a great game for your leisure time

Work and life make you so stressed. You want to play an online game, but don't like challenging games. Monkey Mart should be your perfect choice. You will operate a mart that offers many different foods to clients. You can see many adorable monkeys because you own a mart in the forest. In this game, you only go around to get goods and get cash. Although this gameplay is very easy, it's extremely addictive. Now, let's explore this fun game!

What you have to do in the Monkey Mart game

You have to control your character and move around. Of course, you don't view the scenery while walking. Transporting the goods from the farm to the shelves to serve customers. The number of clients will increase quickly, so sometimes can't meet their demand. It's time to work hard. You also have another method which is to hire more employees.

Products you will deal

In Monkey Mart, the main goods are food. They are corn, eggs from chickens, milk from cows, popcorn, and ice cream. You will start with corn and the final products are ice creams. The products appearing later are always more expensive than others at the beginning game.

Open the second mart

When the first supermarket is very successful and you sell all kinds of goods, it's time to set up another supermarket. In this second mart, you will restart as in the first one. However, with much cash, you can easily grow the new one.

Steps to move the monkey

Swipe the left mouse button to control the character. Don't get stuck at some shelves for corner because your customers are waiting for your goods. When the mart is expanded, it's better to hire some other monkeys. All of them will work automatically.

Have Fun!