Monkey Mart

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How to play:

Monkey Mart is a business game with no competition. Here you just need to develop your shop to cater to all monkeys in the jungle. Start your business now!

In the game, you will learn how to manage. Starting the game you will have to manage the store yourself. Because at this time, customers come to buy not much and the items they buy are not many. But at a time the number of customers will increase and you will need more staff. These employees will help you harvest and deliver the products to your customers. They work hard but there will be times when they fall asleep. Wake them up so that their work will not be interrupted.

Besides managing employees in the store, you need to develop essential items. The products here are bananas, corn, milk, eggs, popcorn, and many other items. These products you will have to create yourself by using the money you earn to buy seeds, chickens, dairy cows... It's great that your store can supply the items themselves without needing to import them. goods anywhere else.


  • The game has vivid graphics
  • Discover valuable new stores
  • Practice business skills
  • The game can be played for hours without getting boring

How to control

  • Use the mouse to perform operations such as buying items, and expanding the store.
  • Use WASD keys or arrow keys to move.
Have Fun!