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How to play: is an exciting multiplayer shooting game. In the familiar first-person perspective, your task is to destroy all enemies to reach the highest rank.

Starting to join the game you will be able to choose 1 of 3 guns that you love the most. Choose a gun and start the game with a lot of hunting for opponents. In houses or on rocks they can appear at any time, so you always need to be on the lookout. Then let your gun in a state of enough ammunition ready to fight, and aim accurately to destroy opponents at long distances. Kill as many opponents as you will get to a high position and become the best shooter in the arena. Explore the game with friends to have great relaxing moments.


3D graphics with beautiful, sharp architecture. Play in first-person perspective. Many types of weapons for you to choose from. Easy controls. See the overall table of players in the menu and see where you stand.


Use the W key to move forward. Use the A key to move left. Use the S key to go back. Use the D key to move right.

Left click to shoot and right click to aim at long range.

Also, you can use the Ctrl key to Crouch, Enter to Chat, and Exit to Pause.

Have Fun!