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How to play: is a fun game inspired by the famous game Minecraft. Explore many exciting game modes and collect valuable useful items by running and jumping.

Your goal in the game is to spin, run and jump your way to the highest and highest score. Earn gold for your achievements and use it to buy power-ups in the shop. Observe your surroundings and carefully walk around to build different platforms from which you can jump from side to side on the stage, leaving many opponents in sight! Reach the yellow checkpoints and don't forget to earn enough coins to buy upgrades like speed boost, double jump, or jump boost, which will allow you to move much faster. Start enjoying this fun game right now.

In the game, you can choose three game modes such as, DoodleCube, and EvilTower. Are you ready to explore all these game modes?

  • The first is a parkour game where the goal is to get to the end of the map.
  • The second is the DoodleCube game to create things based on themes.
  • The third is EvilTower, a parkour game that requires you to climb a tower. This game mode is inspired by Tower of Hell on Roblox.
  • Fourth is Peaceful the sandbox game in the Minecraft circuit.
  • Finally, CubeWarfare is a third-person shooter game that involves building blocks.


  • Familiar pixel graphics
  • The game has many great modes for you to experience
  • Participating multiplayer game
  • Cool chat feature included in the game


Use WASD keys to move

Use Shift or double-click W to run

Use C, Z, \, or Caps Lock keys to bend over

Use T or Enter key to chat

Use the B key to open the shop

Use the / key to start the command

Have Fun!