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How to play: is a constantly evolving game, starting the game you will be a tiny fly, eating all the food to grow and evolve. Become the strongest creature and survive. Keep a safe distance from your natural enemies, as every development has predators that you must avoid in order not to become someone's meal. Be careful to test your special ability as you grow, it can be useful when needed!

Game Tactics:

  • Eat the green-outlined foods and animals. Animals with a red outline should be avoided since they will devour you! You'll be competing for survival against hundreds of other gamers, so stay active and eat often. Keep an eye on your water supply as well. You'll need sufficient to live. Attempt to assassinate people while eating food. Keep in mind that you can hide in the sky or the shrubs. Eating food renews your health.
  • There are demons, mythological monsters, cosmic beings, and the undead once you've finished with the usual animals. The grim reaper is at the top of the food chain and hunts victims with a scythe.
  • has a variety of biomes. Each one has its own distinct landscape. Each location will have different prey, so don't be scared to explore the map and see what's out there.

Levels in the game:

There are 45 distinct animals and 8 phases of evolution in EvoWorld. As a lowly fly, you must struggle your way through the animal kingdom.

About the creator:

Pixel Voices, a creator games, created EvoWorld.


  • Use mouse or arrow keys or WASD to control
  • Avoid redone and eat animals with a green border. Remember to drink plenty of water.
Have Fun!