Paper io 2

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How to play:

Play paper io 2 expansion game, in this game you have to try to move the character to create complete rings, occupying as much territory as possible.

In this Paper io 2 game, you have to try to occupy as much territory as possible by moving your character and creating complete rings. The complete rings will be your territory, dominating the largest territory to assert your sovereignty. Watch for other players competing to take over your territory.

In the game, all players will be equipped with different color streaks. Use the mouse to transfer your color streaks across the territory and create your own colored territories.
When moving to another empty territory, your streaks will be clearly visible. Pay attention to your opponents because they can cut off your color streak and take over your territory. You will have to constantly battle another Paper io player to regain your territory and take over their territory.

Some tips in Paper io 2

  • Move around the edge of the map to have the best control of your area and gain the most territory.
  • Zoning your new territory close to the old one to ensure the first step is safe.
  • Attack other players flexibly and quickly when they are exposed to light trails.
  • Paying attention to your light streak should not expose your streak for too long as the opponent can attack you at any time.


Use WASD or arrow keys or move the mouse to control movement.

Have Fun!