Ships 3D

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How to play:

Ships 3D is an epic fighting game at sea with many other players. Drive your ship forward to puncture the boat and destroy many other pirates.

Starting the game, you will see the bustling scene of warships everywhere on the sea. Your task is to observe the opponent's boat and then come up with accurate artillery tactics for you and your teammates. First, align your ship with the direction of fire, you can align yourself or the Bot will automatically come to support you when you are not at the helm. The Bot teammates present on the ship are very convenient, they will fight with you to the end in this tough battle. But you can also confidently fight alone without these Bots by kicking them out of the way when you want to help. Observe the minimap to gain favorable positions. blame. Pay attention to the miniature map to gain favorable positions.

Join the game with friends. You can add friends to your ship using a unique code, giving you more coordination and a teamwork advantage over other seafarers. Create a powerful battle group and dominate the area.


Vivid 3D graphics. Participating in multiplayer games. Many upgrades on artillery and warships for better combat performance. Exciting battles bring great entertainment space. Simple gameplay with detailed instructions.


  • Use WASD = move
  • Use Mouse to look around
  • Use the F key to interact with the steering, sails, and cannons while standing near them.
Have Fun!