Hole io

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Hole io fun online game, your task is to control a black hole swallowing all that is on the surface in a large city. You have the opportunity to command a black hole, which is a narrow hole capable of devouring anything in its way. You can freely walk around a bustling city, devouring vehicles, pedestrians, walls, street lights, and even multi-story houses, but your powers are limited at first, and you will have to start by swallowing a variety of small objects. There are other black holes moving in this area too, stay away or swallow all the black holes that are blocking your way. The strongest black hole wins.


  • A mouse is used to play the game.
  • Each set lasts two minutes, and during that time you must increase your maximum mass. The more you eat, the larger you grow. The more things you can ingest, the larger you are. Begin your in-game party with small items and work your way up to houses.
  • Play Hole io and become the city's largest black hole!
Have Fun!