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How to play: is an innovative snake hunting game with outstanding fast speed of predatory snakes. Your goal is to become the biggest snake on this hunting trip!

Your goal is is to amass as many luminous orbs as you can while avoiding conflict with your rivals in order to grow to the largest size possible. Even if you start off little, you still have an opportunity to use your abilities to compete against and defeat the top players. The opponents will attempt to capture you, so you must move swiftly and be alert for them. Trap your adversaries and force them to slip into your body to destroy them. Be the best on the leaderboard, your approach is crucial!

Tip game

You steadily lose length when in acceleration mode, so utilize this power carefully.


  • Fast-paced game
  • Vivid graphics by glowing worms
  • Easy way to play
  • Mini map for easy viewing

How to play

  • Use the mouse to move.
  • For accelerated movement do one tap and slide in quick succession.
Have Fun!