Wings io

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How to play:

Wings io play exciting 2D plane control game. In the game, you will be transformed into a pilot control bay to attack all enemies on the map. All else starts at the same location and is shooting for the same goal: the top spot on the leaderboard. Travel around the map, picking up more than ten different weapons along the way to defeat anybody who gets in your way!

You will play as a fighter pilot in Wings io, and your first objective will be to take down other players. Note, this is a free game, so someone will want to kill you at any point. Why not take the first shot? There are flashing orbs and weapon bins strewn around the map, both of which must be obtained to boost your points and regain your health. Each weapon barrel explains itself by giving you a random weapon. Against your rival, use a restricted path. Remember that these guns would be several times more effective than the original Gatling gun and that they could range from rocket launchers to Tesla cannons, which is a very fortunate leap to kill enemy planes!


  • Use mouse to move
  • Click the left mouse to shoot or use the space bar to shoot.
Have Fun!