Build Royale

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How to play:

Survive in a harsh battle with Build Royale. Build protective walls, use the weapons gathered to defeat all opponents in a multiplayer royale battle .io game

You are in the big gun battle against other players. The only goal is to be the last one to stand. You start with only a pickax that can be used for mine materials. And would then be used for the construction of defensive walls.

To win in the Royale Build, you must quickly compute and move. A storm is closing down on the playground, and the scale is continually decreasing. You will need to seek more potent weapons to defend yourself.

With your weapon of choice, you are free to kill anyone you see. Bridge the defenses of other players and take the Build Royale rankings by dropping them. Don't stress that you never played before in an io video. It does not take long to become an IO expert because this game easy to play.

When your Build Royale character is busy reloading his pistol, you use your WASD keys for moving. Stop streamlining shots of enemy fighters at the field, so it does not take too many good strikes to sadly shorten your successful streak. Thankfully, another wild Build Royale match will take just a few seconds to start again, which will give you another chance to correct a mistake. Or destroying these annoying rivals even more than before.

If you are smart in building walls, and if your shots are right, Royal victory will be yours. Then what do you expect? Enjoy the Royal building, a cool royal battle!


  • E/F - Interact with ground items and chests
  • Left move - Shoot your weapon
  • Right move - Scope to see enemies from further
  • Q - Toggle build mode to build walls
  • Space - Jump over walls and other obstacles
  • Shift - Sprint
  • R - Reload your weapon
  • Tab - View and manage your inventory
  • M - View the map and plan for the zone closing in
Have Fun!