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How to play: is a new 3D game where you will master vast territories. Compete with many different players for the position of king of the territory.

Journey to expand territory

To get a large territory you need to move non-stop. The purpose of this is to fill the white hexagons with your color. In order to move smoothly, you need to have more observation skills. Because around you, there are many other competitors who are doing the same thing to expand their territory. So a question arises. Are you brave enough to move far away to collect a large territory for yourself? If you are adventurous, this is also a pretty good idea. But besides that, you also need to accelerate the speed of closing your loop. On the other hand, if you want to be safe, move to locations close to your territory. Good luck!

Notes when playing

You won't be able to continue playing if you're caught off guard by some stupid thing. The first is the color band for you to delineate the territory. If you touch your own color band this will make you disappear. Another scenario is your opponent crashing into your color range when you are not yet closed. This will also make you disappear.

Helpful Supporter

During the expansion of the territory, you will see snowmen on the map. These snowmen are very gentle and it is a useful tool for you to expand your territory. The snowman will use the power to fill the white areas near them. Although they can only fill 1 hexagon each time they launch snow, this is also a very useful supporter that you should collect.

In short, I think this is a very interesting game for you to get into right now. Achievements that you achieve in the game will be shown on the leaderboard. The road to becoming a territory king is waiting for you!

How to play

  • Look at the small map to observe the opponent.
  • Use the mouse to control.
Have Fun!