Splix io

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How to play:

Control your colored lines to extend your territories in Splix io thrilling expansive game. By drawing shapes with lines and connecting them to your existing territory, you will enlarge your territory. You'll be surrounded by enemies that are trying to do the same thing. You will attack or be attacked in this game by crashing into the drawn line or their claimed area.

I've already discussed the majority of the fundamentals of Splix io, so here's the deal: you'll want to gradually extend the region in limited parts since this is simpler and more efficient. Keep in mind that you can't create a form that's too big, there's a ceiling that will destroy you if you exceed it, so I'd suggest contributing to the area in smaller increments. If you want to take over a large area of territory, or even half the map if you're feeling greedy, you'll have to take over any of the places that the opponents are settling down. Once their line is broken, all of their territories will disappear with it, so take advantage of this.



Have Fun!