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How to play:

2048 is a novel style game between jigsaw puzzles and performing double math at the same time. Your goal in the game is to merge tiles into 2048 or more.

To start the game move all the numbered tiles into one of the four directions of the panel. On a 4x4 grid, 2048 is played online. You can decide how the cells are moved. Blocks can only move in horizontal and vertical axes, diagonal movement is not possible. When two identically numbered cells overlap, they combine and get the value equal to the sum of their digits. 2 multiplied by 4 results in 8. 2 8s add up to 16, and so on. Continue until you reach the magic number 2048. Be careful to avoid running out of space to move your tiles. Try 2048 online for free for a whole new approach to enjoying addition and math. You can keep playing even after reaching the last number to improve your score.

Game Tips

In order for the matching of numbers to be smooth, the highest number must be at a good angle. Keep making bigger numbers in that corner so you can match them as they line up. You can quickly get lost with unreachable numbers if you reach the higher numbers in the middle, forcing you to start the game all over again.


  • Use arrow keys to move
Have Fun!