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How to play:

You make your circular robot move with the mouse. Shoot the enemy by clicking the left mouse button.

Join the battle between small robots is a fun fighting game. You are a tiny robot that can shoot bullets. Use your movement and aiming skills to take down your opponents.

Game genre

In the online survival arena game, users will play the role of an apostle named Acolyte and participate in the fierce battle to win.

Great gaming experience

The game will bring players a fascinating experience in the field of online survival arena with simple but difficult gameplay.

Your mission in

On the field, players maneuver and engage in combat with their Acolytes. In this game, the ability to aim is very important. You must understand how to use them effectively. To hit your opponent, you must predict his movements.

Use various abilities and spells to defeat enemies. Not only must you attack your opponent, but you must also immediately avoid his attacks as a form of self-defense.

Have Fun!