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How to play:

Alien is an exciting invasion game in which you have to control a UFO spaceship to collect the Earth's objects and defeat other aliens.

In this game, you have to transform into an alien and attack the Earth, where many species and buildings survive. Control a UFO spaceship to suck everything you can on the way. Use your beam to abduct. The more objects you suck, the bigger you are. After becoming more robust and bigger, you can attack other players and eliminate them. However, avoid larger enemies because they can hit you and make you die.

You can decide your name, own six rare skins, six legendary skins and choose three game modes. There are Classic, Solo, and Battle Objectives.

Features of Alien

  • Competitive gameplay
  • Unlock skins and items
  • Cool graphics
  • Various game modes

How to control

  • Move UFO by dragging the mouse
Have Fun!