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How to play: is an exciting arcade game in which you have to capture as many new territories as possible while defeating enemies. Show your skills and be a ruler!

This fight-and-defensive race will not let you down. Your task is so simple. You have to control your character Amogus to capture as much territory as possible. You draw a trail to delineate and return to your region to own that land. However, be careful. If other players hit your tail, you will die. In contrast, if you crash enemies, they also die. Stealing is possible. You can steal opponents' lands to expand your territory.

This game has simple gameplay, so it is easy to learn to relax while experiencing a competitive adventure game. Own the most giant territory to be a ruler! Let's start!

Features of

  • Exciting and addictive game
  • Multiplayer

How to control

  • Use mouse or keyboard (WASD / arrow keys) to control
Have Fun!