AstroDud io

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How to play:

AstroDud io game with many challenges, join the game and overcome the challenge to become the first winner in the 10 player race.

Play with your mates in seconds, a sensitive friend and party machine!

  • There are over 150+ personalizations!
  • 18 Special and different maps
  • Easy multiplayer, quick gameplay, various game modes and collect AstroCoins from maps!

Join our group of discords to recommend patches, maps, game modes or just to report a game bug! and AstroCoins are awarded

Playing the game

The objective of the game is to make every game a winner! Survive to get to the end! various rules and gameplay according to the mode and map of the game

You will be knocked down without contacting the movements of wipers, balls, or other obstacles, while you must get up and move!


  • Use WASD to control
  • E key to push
  • Space bar to jump
  • Move the mouse to look around
Have Fun!