Avatar Game

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Avatar Game is an adventure game inspired by the famous movie Avatar by director James Cameron. Join the game you will enjoy the impressive graphics space.

Control the character Jake Sully to overcome all obstacles at all different levels. The obstacles here are sharp serrations and deadly walls. The road ahead is still very long, so you need to overcome all to achieve the highest achievement of 3 stars. The game is not necessarily easy because it needs focus and quick reflexes. If you miss the beat after each jump you will hit obstacles. So you will have to start the game again. Join the game now for great adventures!

All levels played in Avatar Game

Join the game with 3 epic levels. At each level, you will experience the world of top-notch graphics as well as a series of difficult challenges. The first is the Stereo Madness mode. In this mode, you will explore the exciting race track in the forest. This is where the Navi people live. The second is the Back On Track level. In this mode, you will experience amazing racing on Pandora Bay. This is where the Metkayina clan lived. The last is the Polegist level. Here you will experience the splendid neon space of soul trees. Especially you will see in this 3rd level there will be a unique appearance of neon rings. All 3 levels not only have different graphics, but instead, each level will have its own ways to play for you to conquer. Don't miss any levels because they all give you great relaxing moments.


Method 1: Click to jump. Click twice in a row to jump higher.
Method 2: Use the up arrow key to jump. Press the up arrow key 2 times in a row to jump higher

Have Fun!