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How to play:

BAPBAP is a battle royale game where players team up with their squad and fight their way to become the last team to survive in the match. Take control of different characters with unique abilities and battle to victory.


Pick an iconic character

The game offers a vast array of characters packed with unique abilities to choose from.

Game characters:

  • Chuck
  • Anna - Speedy Graffitier
  • Zook - Stylish Arms Dealer
  • Kitsu - Fox Huntress
  • Sashimi - Upgraded Fishtank
  • Kiddo - Pyro Prodigy
  • Skinny - Shadow Walker
  • Froggy - Swamp Master
  • Teevee
  • Sofia - Blaze Bandit
  • Jiro - Noodle Delivery Bot

Only Chuck, Anna, Zook, and Shashimi are available from the start. The remaining characters can be unlocked with tokens that you can obtain by playing games.

Each character possesses unique abilities. For example, Zook can fire a rocket that explodes on a hit. Teeve can shoot out a digital wave. Kiddo has the ability to light up an area.

You can upgrade the level of characters and enhance their abilities so that they can perform better in the game.

Engage in epic battles

In this game, your main goal is to be the last team standing. Join epic battles with other teams and cooperate with your teammates to defeat the opponents.

Loots are scattered around randomly and they also have tiers. Their rarity ranges from Common, Rare, Epic, to Legendary.

You can find the Respawn Altar to revive your team.

While battling, remember to watch out for the zone as it will shrink gradually when the game progresses. Stay away from that zone or it will decrease your HP.

Game controls

  • WASD to move.
  • V to emote.
  • Mouse to interact.
  • Q/E/Space to use abilities.
  • Find a juice box and press R to heal.

You can change the game controls in the Settings menu.

Game features

  • Cartoon-style graphics
  • Spectacular battle royale game
  • Different epic characters with unique abilities
  • Intense battles
  • Upgradable characters game requires tactics and strategies to survive in intense melee battles. Try different characters, showcase your incredible skills, and rank at the top of the leaderboard!

Have Fun!