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How to play: is an exciting basketball game in which you have to dribble, shoot and score to win. Grab the ball and experience the basketball world!

You can immerse yourself in the basketball game world with beautiful graphics, fantastic motion effects, and simple gameplay in this game.

Your task in this game is to dribble, shoot and score at the opponent's goalkeeper. You will get one point after each score. The number of team members will increase over time. After five matches, whoever scores more points wins. Score goals with impressive jumps and excellent turns. You will match with different opponents after each round. So the competition in this game is extremely tough. Show your skillful ability and win!

Features of

  • 2 Players
  • Beautiful graphics and fantastic motion effects
  • Simple gameplay
  • Different opponents after each round

Release Date

Sep 02, 2019

How to control

  • Drag mouse to play game
Have Fun!