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How to play:
  • To play this game you need to use the following keys:
  • To control your athlete to MOVE sideways, press the A, and D keys or the Left - Right arrows.
  • Control your athlete to jump by pressing the W key or the up arrow
  • To make throws, press the G or L key

About BasketBro game

In the game BasketBros, you can play basketball with top basketball superstars. You will enjoy realistic graphics and vibrant cheering sounds.

Game modes

You can play one-on-one or two-on-two basketball with different cartoon characters in this game. There are several game modes in the game, including quick mode, custom mode, team mode, and multiplayer mode.

The characters

There are many types of players to choose from, including famous basketball players like LeBron James, Stephen Curry, and Michael Jordan, as well as funny characters like Ronald McDonald, Shrek, Spongebob,...


In this game, your goal is to try to score more points than your opponent within the given time. To score goals, you can use special techniques including heading, attacking, and high jumping. You can even use a flying kick. To get the ball or overthrow your opponents, you can also punch and kick them.


The game has stunning 3D visuals with cartoon-style soccer fields and characters. There is also dynamic sound throughout the game. The greetings, background music, and cheers are all extremely lively sounds.

Here are some tips to play the game BasketBros

It's best to choose players that complement your playing style. Each athlete has unique abilities and characteristics. For example, LeBron James is very strong and agile, and Spongebob can jump quite high and throw the ball into the basket.

You should make good use of the player's unique abilities. You can score goals from afar with your batting talent, up close with your jumping skills, or in the air with your throwing skills.

Have Fun!