Battle For Cubeland

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How to play:

Battle For Cubeland is an attractive io game, the main task is to collect coins on a multiplayer platform. Try to survive and become the strongest.

In the game, you will use your mouse to move the cube in any direction you choose by clicking and dragging it. The goal is to collect as many coins as possible, because the more coins you have, the higher you can climb. You can use leaderboards to get new skins and improvements for your cube character.

Another objective is to remain alive as long as possible because other players and baddies are everywhere around you and will attack you, so be sure to leap and escape battles, and survive to the finish, because the last person on the grass is in that room wins.


In the game, the opponents are quick, astute, and vicious. As soon as you stop moving, they'll rush for you, and you'll have to be quick, smart, or lucky to avoid their lethal strikes. If you want to stay alive, you'll have to stay away from them while collecting money to prevent being disqualified.


  • Beautiful attractive game graphics
  • 32 battle royale matches
  • Multiple unlockable skin combos


  • Use the mouse


  • Use L Mouse to move/dash
Have Fun!