Battle Of Karin

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How to play:

Battle Of Karin is a dramatic multiplayer game. Control your spaceship to fly in space and destroy all other warships. Show your survival skills in the game now!

This is an asteroid-style multiplayer game. It's simple but vibrant, with a focus on skill, accuracy, and sound strategy. Here you will discover a variety of weapons and unique abilities to compete with your enemies. And opponents in this game are not simply a bunch of stupid pebbles drifting in space or basic exploding bots. The enemies in this game are other people, they are real-life gamers driving the same cars and using the same weapons as you. Your abilities are the only thing that sets you apart from them. So now start playing this amazing game.

Tip games

This will be an endless war. You get one point for each kill. Whoever has the most points at the end of the 3 minute half wins. Your total score is calculated by adding up all your points. In addition, the champion receives a bonus of ten points in the general ranking.
A ship can be destroyed after three shots and there is no repair.


  • Use the ARROW to move and SPACE to shoot.
  • Press X to speed up.
  • C to fire a laser.

When you have special powers, you can utilize them.

To fast shift direction or elude our opponents, use speed up. Shout through asteroids and bullets with the laser.

Because special powers refresh in 5 seconds, utilize them carefully.

Have Fun!