Battledudes io

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How to play:

Join Battledudes io game where you will battle other players to win. Choose one of the game modes to join. Unlock the arsenal by playing and gaining XP points.

On wider maps, vehicles such as the jeep and tank can be used to easily travel the map while still carrying your friends. Your buddy in the passenger seat will fire at enemies while driving the jeep! The highly armed tank, on the other hand, is a single-seater with a strong tank turret that fires exploding missiles. Only be mindful of the lengthy reload period.

However, you can control the actions of both weapons and players in Battledudes io by choosing one or two of the unlockable perks. Arm injury, health, weapon turn time, weapon reload speed, running speed, and a number of other stats can all be increased with perks. This helps you to build a wide variety of arms and perk variations to fit your own gaming tastes!

Using the emoji wheel to connect with your teammates. It can be called up with a right mouse click which helps you to chat with teammates regardless of their language. Many new emotes can be unlocked and purchased by playing the game and earning coins.


  • Use WASD to control the character
  • Click to aim and shoot
  • R key to reload, reload
  • Key E to enter vehicle
  • Key 1,2,3,4 to change weapon
    M or Tab key to enlarge the map screen
Have Fun!