Battlefield Elite 3D

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How to play:

Battlefield Elite 3D is a multiplayer 3D shooter game. Your mission is to shoot down all the opponents in the allotted time. Become the best shooter now!

Everyone is ready to step into an intense gun battle. Entering the match your position will be circled. As you move, this circle will also move with you. The benefit of this circle is that it helps you to locate your opponent more easily. When the opponent appears in the circle, shoot continuously to defeat the opponent. Remember to work within limits. If you go out of bounds you will not be able to survive to the next level. Your ultimate aim is to destroy all opponents and fill up the energy bar to become the ultimate winner.

Weapons with powerful attack power

During the attack on the opponent, the option to upgrade the weapon will be displayed. Click on the type of upgrade you want. They will transform as soon as you tap. When the weapon is upgraded, the damage level will also be increased. Do not forget to collect items during the move, they will help you destroy the opponent easier.

Play Level

The game has many interesting game modes. As you progress to higher levels you will experience more attractive upgrades such as weapon and character upgrades.


  • Use WASD keys to move
  • Click to shoot and perform weapons and power-ups.
Have Fun!