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How to play: is a battle strategy game where players must fire cannonballs to destroy all of the opponent's ships and shink their fleet. 

How to play game

Game setup and goal

The game is about battles of ships. In this game, players have a fleet of four ships that can be used to defeat their opponents. Each ship has its own ability. For example, the Sailboat's ability can hit three tiles at once. However, these special abilities often have a cooldown after they are used. So players must wait for a while to use it again.

Your board is placed on the left while the enemy's board is on the right. The goal of the game is to destroy all of the opponent's ships and try to protect your own ships. The game is over if all of your ships are destroyed.

Position your fleet

When you enter the match, you must first have to place your ships. Simply drag a ship to move it. Ships will turn red when they overlap with obstacles or other ships.

Try to position them in strategic places to make it hard for the opponent to find out and destroy your ships as well as to withstand a heavy attack.

Drop explosive bombs

Then, you must fire cannonballs on the opponent's territory in order to figure out where their ships are hidden. Think strategically and take advantage of the Sailboat's abilities to destroy the enemy board faster.

Buy new ships

Try to win as many battles as you can to earn gold and diamonds to unlock new ships with special abilities. Grow a powerful fleet to dominate the game and battle against other players.

Game controls

Use your left mouse button to select ships/fire/use abilities.

Use your right mouse button or mouse wheel to rotate ships or rotate attacks.

Game Features

  • Various fleets with different abilities
  • Colorful and beautiful graphics
  • Naval battle gameplay

Can you find and destroy all of the hidden opponent's ships in BattleTabs io game?

Have Fun!