Beam Jump

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How to play:

Welcome to the fun jumping competition in the Beam Jump game. Challenge your reaction by controlling the character to jump to avoid the wooden stick. It is a 3D jumping arcade game with lovely animal images. By jumping each time at the right time, you have to control the character over the spinning wooden stick. There are two game modes available: normal and hard. You can collect blue diamonds in normal mode and use them to buy the character of your choice. You will compete against countless opponents in challenge mode to see who can pass every level and survive.

Some suggestions for you

  • You should focus on observing the movement of the wooden stick to perform the jumps accurately.
  • To determine the movement speed of the rotating columns, you should pay attention to their color. Later, the rotation speed increases.
  • When the stick is flashing, you need to pay attention because it will move back into its orbit.
  • The character you choose should match your preferred play style. Some characters can jump further, faster, or with less effort.
  • To improve your abilities and earn more diamonds, you need to try challenge mode.
Have Fun!