Bellum io

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How to play:

In this game Bellum io, the goal is to destroy and take over your enemies. Bellum io was the first idle io game on the internet and Bellum: Legacy has resurrected. Wait for the legacy, come for the Bellum! Players struggle to navigate each other's map. Kill your adversaries or make peace with your adversaries by gaining possession of their starbases. Taking tougher enemies along with other players. Join the game to conquer all the enemy bases!

Good tips when participating in Bellum io

Diplomatic Strategy:

Create an alliance with as many players on the server as possible, appearing close together is the best chance to form an alliance.

Destroy Everything Strategy:

Annoy the players around and make them give up

Massive Economy Strategy:

Create MPS (20k+) to defend against stronger opponents.

Early Rush Economy Strategy:

This means that you have to play at the very start of the round, and your goal is to take the top of the leading boards early and catch nearby stars soon before others have the opportunity. Maximum self-efficiency advantage.


Bellum: If you join at the very beginning of the round, you have to click "+ 1 military power" otherwise you will be granted MP and units if you joined the round late. Military power(MP) is the main resource of Bellum. Use military power to capture other territories including your opponents. You gain MP actively by clicking on the "+1 MP" bar or gain MP passively by buying units that generate MP for you. There is a maximum amount of units you can buy, in order to buy more units you need to capture starbases which grant you an extra 5 slots of every unit type. Generating lots of MP per second(MPS) shows strength and other players will fear you.


Have Fun!