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How to play: is an attractive 2D strategy game. Create a powerful army to protect and expand your territory. Start the war and create the most powerful empire!


The honor of your empire depends on you fighting for it. This battle is so fierce! To increase the size of your area in this game, you must build bases, airports, tanks, soldiers and other units. To capture enemy areas, you must also attack them and repel them from entering your territory. You can use civilian energy to further develop your area, or you can use military energy to strengthen your units. Additionally, you can compete with other players to become the best player or form strong alliances with them.

Game Tips

To increase your military energy, you need to click on your area multiple times. This is because military energy is needed for you to be able to produce, upgrade, and attack units. Since civic energy will help you save costs and increase revenue, you should also use it to improve the development of your territory.

Bases, airports, tanks, soldiers, and other units all need to be built and upgraded properly because each type of unit has its own advantages and disadvantages. Choosing a unit should be based on your strategy and goals. The bases are capable of producing both military and civilian energy. The airport can produce fighters and bombers. Agile and powerful tank. Soldiers can occupy confined spaces. Other units may possess unique abilities such as defense, acceleration or destruction.

Have Fun!