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How to play: is a fun and exciting survival game, with the experience of items with different special features scattered throughout the map. Explore the game now!, a game inspired by You begin little, but if you can live and absorb as much as possible, you will grow to enormous proportions. Use the power-ups strewn about to give yourself an even bigger advantage.

Every player also has a special ability that they may activate every 15 seconds while playing. Magneto will attack other players in his range, Teleport will transport the player to another location on the map, Slower will slow down other players in range, Slash will shoot other players, Speedo will temporarily increase your player's speed, invisible will make your player invisible to others, and the pusher will push other players away. Splitter is the default ability, allowing you to divide like in other io games. Each game allows you to have only one power, so choose wisely and play tactically.

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When a player who is larger than you splits, use the chance to consume his smaller pieces. If you eat enough of them, you'll grow to be the larger blob and you can consume him whole.
The power-ups, notably the speed increase, can give you a tremendous edge when chasing or running.


  • Use your mouse or spacebar to use your powers
  • Press the E key to push the volume and select the capacity
Have Fun!