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How to play: is a multiplayer tank game where players control a tank, move around to collect weapons, and shoot to destroy the enemy tanks. The game features 5 different game modes to battle!

How to play

Select a game mode

The game offers 5 different game modes, each featuring a unique game goal

  • Free-For All - Play solo and shoot down other tanks
  • Team Deathmatch - Join a team and battle against the enemy team
  • Capture the Flag - Capture the other team's flag
  • Payload - Move the control point to the other team base
  • Spooky Snipers - Shoot anything that moves

First, select your favorite game mode. And depending on the mode, you may need to select a team. Just pick any of your favorite and join the match.

Collect weapons and battle against the enemy

Weapons are scattered around the map. And they come in different ranges including rockets, shotguns, grenades, and many more. Move your tank around to collect them. When a tank is killed, it will also drop weapons. So don't move away right after you defeat a tank, collect their left weapons to become more powerful!

You can use your weapons to shoot down the enemies. The opponents also try to take you down. When they shoot, try to find a place to hide, move to avoid bullets, and shoot to destroy them.


  • Use WASD to move.
  • Left-click to shoot.
  • Use mouse scroll or Q/E to switch weapons.
  • Hold TAB to join a team.
  • Press Shift to show the menu.
Have Fun!