Bloons TD 6

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How to play:

Bloons TD 6 is a great action game. Arrange your army of monkeys in the best positions to shoot all the dangerous balloons coming toward the end of your base.

Before starting the game, you will be given a map to play with. There are 20 game maps in all for you to choose from. Each map will correspond to different play locations. Next, you will select the annotations with the price on the right side of the screen. Starting the game you get 400 coins. Use that money to pick out the most appropriate captions, placing them along the way of the ball.

The game officially begins! The results will gradually appear. The annotations that you place in the positions will automatically shoot the ball. The more balls you shoot, the more coins you will get. Gradually the number of balls will increase. You will use the accumulated coins to place additional notes on the vertical line. The more standings placed along the way, the higher the chance of shooting down the balls.

Levels in the game

The game has an extremely attractive level control system. If you want to try each level, click on the square containing an arrow. If you want the levels to run automatically, click on the square containing the 2 arrows. The game has a lot of levels to play so you can increase your fighting power to the highest possible level in this game.

Characters in the game

The game has a lot of characters for you to choose from. Each character will have a unique weapon. The more coins a character needs to open, the stronger the weapon that character has. Which character will you choose to join this battle?


Use the mouse to play

Have Fun!