Bob The Robber 2

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How to play:

Bob The Robber 2 takes all the money in these challenging rooms. Join Robber 2 to rob some money to rescue his town. The game will be divided into many different rooms. In each room, there will be money that Robber 2 needs to steal. Avoid lasers, guards, and some traps located in each room. In addition, it is necessary to unlock and solve some puzzles to open some doors between the rooms. You must sneak in each level to complete your goal and escape successfully. Use the collected money to buy some gadgets to help complete the quest.

The game will have many different levels of gameplay, each level will be individually designed, and there are many missions waiting for you to complete. Join the game now!


  • Use ASDW or ARROW KEYS to move
  • Use the space bar to attack the guardians.
Have Fun!