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How to play: is a platform game with a perfect combination of physics and fun puzzle elements. Control the geometric blocks and go to the top level!

You'll blow yourself up with your grenade launcher, Bombhopper. Select the perfect arc for your bomb using your mouse, then fire it to blow yourself across the finish line. You'll have to climb up, down, around, and even through barriers at points. Just make sure you don't blast yourself off the platform by mistake, and that you reach the finish line before your ammo runs out. There is no option to reload the game, however, you may skip a level by viewing a commercial in between them. It's a reasonable trade-off, but you won't want to make it since the game is so enjoyable and addictive. where you move by shooting explosives The aim is to approach the door with the force of your explosives' blasts! blends creative gameplay based on a fun explosion mechanic with exciting puzzles that will make you feel smart! New levels are introduced on a regular basis, so you'll never get bored!


  • Left mouse to aim and fire.
  • R to restart.
Have Fun!