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How to play: is an exciting third-person action shooting game. In this game, you show off your shooting ability by confronting many other powerful opponents.

Gun battle of tiny gunners in

The little warriors in this game correspond to famous anime characters. Try to collect a lot of money. It helps you to choose a favorite anime skin for your character.

Many types of guns

When playing the game, you have the opportunity to experience many different types of guns, each with its unique characteristics. Let's play and experience all these amazing guns.

Confront many opponents

In the game, your opponents are very numerous. They are present everywhere on the map.

Your mission is to move and fight. Shoot to destroy as many opponents as possible. Try to be the last survivor on the map.

To survive for a long time, you need to know how to defend smartly. Combine agile observation skills and move promptly in all situations. You will gradually progress through fierce battles in this game.


  • You control your warrior to move using the WASD key.
  • You aim and fire your gun at opponents by clicking the left mouse button.

Have a fun battle and don't forget to invite your friends to join this fight in!

Have Fun!