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How to play: is a fun boxing game that takes place in a multiplayer arena. Punch all the opponents present in the arena to become stronger and top the leaderboard.

To be able to become strong and big, the movements and proficient use of boxing skills are extremely important. Start the game choose your favorite character and start with a mock match. In this fake arena, you will get acquainted with the movements, boxing, and using powerful skills. When you are ready go to the official match and eliminate all opponents now! Pay attention to the movements of opponents they move at fairly fast speeds as they rush towards you, ready in a boxing position for an immediate hit back. Each character will have an energy bar. Punch your opponent until the energy bar is depleted and you will become stronger and bigger. At the end of the game, you will see the leaderboard. Be the one with the highest rank, score, and skill in this royal battle!


The game is designed with beautiful, simple graphics. Simple, addictive controls. Besides, the game also has interesting boxing glove upgrades and a series of other upgrades. Diverse game characters for you to choose from.


Use the WASD key to move, the L key to punch, and the P key to use skills. Or control with the keys available on the screen.

Have Fun!