Braains io

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How to play:

Braains io game where you have two choices of making zombies or being human. In the game, the goal of the two choices is the opposite. Each server will hold up to 50 players, and each player begins as a zombie with the intention of spreading infectious diseases by tagging humans. Of course, human targets must appear in the game without being tagged. However, they are impossible to solve, so the obstacle should be in a neutral location for other teams.

Brains is a friendly zombie tag game where you start as zombies and attempt to tag people to turn them into zombies so you're not alone. Once you've bitten others, they'll help you achieve your goal of infecting all humans. Bear in mind that there are many buildings with doors and rubble to block those entrances on the map, keep this in mind and strive not to inadvertently knock down your colleagues who are comfortably seated in houses with fences, they will not be satisfied. If you have more people cooperating and blocking the door, you have a better chance of surviving in this game, so keep that in mind!


Use WASD KEYS to move zombies, want to tag just step in.

Have Fun!