Braains io 2

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How to play:

Braains io 2 is the sequel to the game where players can transform into a human or a zombie and try to stay alive or infect humans! gameplay

When you start, the game will show you your role and mission. Each match will last about 2 minutes.


You can either be a human whose goal is to survive, run, hide, and try not to get infected by the zombie hordes. At the end of the match, if the human team can survive, even just a single person, the human team will win.

However, once you get infected, your role will be different. This time, you must cooperate with the zombie team, search for humans, and infect them!

There are different weapons that you can buy at the Shop to defend yourself from zombies like swords, guns, crowbars, and many more. Each costs certain pts. You can keep playing the game and try to win to earn more Pts!

The game also features different objects like chairs, tables, and many more that you can take advantage of to block the doors and prevent the zombies from approaching.

So find shelter, arm yourself with weapons, and try to stay alive in the zombie apocalypse.


If you are a zombie, you must find humans and try to turn them into zombies like you. The more humans you infect, the stronger your zombie horde will become. The zombie team can win if all of the humans in the game get infected!

Move, run, jump, and search all of the places to find humans and turn them into zombies!

New features and improvements!

This sequel comes with enhanced gameplay and graphics. The controls are smoother and the mechanics are more responsive than the first part.

The visuals are also upgraded and offer more detailed and appealing environments.

Players can experience being a human or a zombie!


  • WASD to move.
  • Spacebar to jump.
Have Fun!