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How to play:
  • Start the game and use the keyboard or mouse to control your character.
  • To move, tap the screen or the arrow keys. To shoot the ball, tap the spacebar or right mouse button.

Great multiplayer soccer game

Introduce is a great soccer game you can play with other players around the world. Use your skills, and combine them with your teammates to score many goals.

Game rules

To score against your opponent in this game, you must work with your teammates to coordinate and apply your skills. Based on the number of trophies you have, you can join a random team. To play together and against other teams, you can also form a team and invite your friends.

Game mode

You can choose one of two game modes:

  • Single
  • Multiplayer

Tips in the game

Help your character upgrade by collecting everything on the field. On the field, there are objects such as balls, shirts, and shoes. You can improve your player's strength, speed, or kicking ability by using these products.

Make impressive levels by taking advantage of the player's abilities. Spinning, jumping, and heading are some of the skills you can use to get past your opponents and score goals. To injure or stun opponents, you can also use special skills such as acceleration, electric discharge, or fire shooting.

Have Fun!