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How to play: is an addictive battle game in which you have to transform into a virus to eat weaker viruses. Dodge sanitizers as they can tear you apart!

You have an opportunity to become the server's largest, most powerful, and most dangerous virus. All you have to do is eat humans and viruses that are weaker. Disinfectants will pull your infection from your body! You may be at risk from other players if you are ripped apart. With your mouse, control virus movement, run over smaller viruses, and consume them. By pressing Space, you can learn how to isolate your infection. Will you be able to survive on this bizarre planet for at least five minutes, or will you get eaten by other viruses? Play and see what happens!

Features of

  • Addictive and easy gameplay
  • Survival game
  • Cool art animation

Release Date

Sep 16, 2020

How to control

  • Use mouse to control
Have Fun!