Crowd Drift City

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How to play:

Crowd Drift City is an intriguing drifting arcade game in which you have to control a car to collect white cars to increase your car army and eliminate enemies.

Welcome to the interesting arcade game! In this game, you will participate in car battles for multiplayer. You will transform into a car to gather white cars lying on the roads of the city. When you touch these cars, they will change their color following the color of your own car. In this way, you can increase the number of vehicles to fight other car armies. The car team having the higher number of cars will win and has the ability to make the opponent's members into your member. Try to enhance your team before facing the more mighty army. Each round happens in 2 minutes.

Note that you can change the color of your team before pressing the start button.

Features of Crowd Drift City

  • Fascinating and enjoyable gameplay
  • Multiplayer
  • Choose your favorite color for your car
  • Collect the freedom cars and improve your army

How to control

  • Slide your mouse to play the game.
Have Fun!