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Game Crowded City crowded with a large number of people was formed. You create the area with the largest number of people in the city by directing a group of people who gather all the people on the street. Simply move the character towards neutral (gray) people and watch them change colors and become part of your crowd - it's easy. Try to control your party as other players can infiltrate and take a certain amount and knock you out of the round. You can only conquer other players and take over their crowd if you already have a larger following.

Crowd City is a simple yet engaging player-driven fun game that creates a colorful city. In this multiplayer game try to conquer the city against other players from all over the world. Extend the most playing time to conquer the population of the whole city. The winner is the person in control of the largest crowd at the end of the time period.

Become the most popular person in a crowded city and get the most followers in the world. Prove that your crowd is the strongest in the area!


Use mouse to control movement

Have Fun!