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How to play:

You will play the game together with many other players around the world. Being the winner or the last one standing is what you aim for. There are different types of weapons, including rifles, shotguns, machine guns, and shotguns. You must be able to use each type of pistol suitable for each situation as each has its advantages and disadvantages. Additional options include freestyle, team combat, and survivor game types. The graphics in the game are very beautiful, smooth and vivid.


The WASD keys can be used to move.

The Shift and Space keys can be used to crouch.

The mouse can be used to aim and shoot.


To escape being shot, you must always move. You can hinder your opponent by jumping, squatting or dodging. Use items on the game screen to your advantage to cover or hide. Also, keep an eye out for potential competitors or targets.

To develop your abilities and accumulate points, you should participate in various forms of games. Because the rules and objectives of each game mode are different, you must be able to adapt and innovate in your combat. For example, in freestyle you can freely shoot at anyone or anything. To defeat the opposition in team combat mode, cooperate with your teammates. You have to endure as long as you can in survival mode while dealing with an increasing number of enemies.

Have Fun!