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How to play:

What is the maximum speed for you to overcome all opponents in the racing game Join the game to confirm you are a professional driver.

Multiplayer game

In the game you will be participating in racing matches with many different players around the world. Each car on the track is displayed with the player's name. These names will appear on the right corner of the screen. Whoever reaches the finish line in the shortest amount of time will be at the top of the leaderboard.


In each racetrack frame, there will be checkpoints. You need to pass all these checkpoints to reach the finish line. When you encounter a strong collision on the track, you must return to the original checkpoint. If you want to be the first to finish, don't waste your time on unnecessary collisions.

Features of the game

  • The game has many racing tracks for you to experience
  • 10 different types of racing cars for you to choose from
  • Unique 3D graphics from every angle
  • Exciting sound
  • Many dangerous turns challenge your driving ability
  • Leaderboard showing the best riders

How to control

  • Use the A key to move left
  • Use the D key to move right
  • Use the W key to move forward
  • Use the S or space key to brake
  • Use the R key or the back arrow shown on the screen to play again
Have Fun!