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Death is a thrilling racing game for multiplayer. In this game, you need to drive your car and use nitro to drift. Eliminate other players to win.

In this game, you will control your car. Then compete with other players. You can drive according to your will. However, you should only drive on the play screen. If you drive outside the red area, you will consume the health bar. You have a health bar on the car. If your health bar drops to 0, the game is over.

In order to destroy other players, you can make drifts to accelerate and spin. At that time, you can hit other cars hard. Your opponents will be blown up and destroyed. However, you need to be careful because other players can kill you in the same way. You may not die in a single collision. This depends on the strength of the collision. Use your driving ability to destroy other players. Besides, avoid attacks from opponents.

Besides, you can change your car. This game offers you diverse cars. Their design and colour are not the same. You can choose from off-road vehicles, supercars, or cars. Choose your favourite car to join the competition.

This racing game is multiplayer. When you die, the game is over. So try to survive as long as possible. Kill as many players as possible. Admirable achievements.

Besides competing, you can drive comfortably with drifts and stunts. You need to pay attention to Nitro. You can only drift when you have nitro. Nitro needs time to recover.

How to control

  • Press and hold the left mouse button to control your car.
Have Fun!