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How to play:

Devast io free online survival game, where you will have to fight nature, build and produce your own food to survive. Produce weapons, fire to protect yourself.


  • Begin by clicking on C to make a hatchet (the Crafting Button top left)
  • When you level up, you'll be able to unlock new powers.
  • Gather enough food to start your own food production by collecting seeds.
  • Build a hat to keep warm or boost the gun-making tools.
  • Survive, so look out for the radiation!

If you experience latency, go to the setting button and choose low-quality settings (the gear in the top left)


  • ARROW KEY or WASD to move
  • LEFT CLICK to hit
  • E to interaction
  • SHIFT to speed up
  • M for map
  • C to Craft and Skills

In a post-apocalyptic world, where nature takes back its rights, build a bunker, and weapons, warm up and produce your own food to protect yourself.

Have Fun!