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How to play: is a survival IO game inspired by The goal is to collect resources, defeat other players, survive, and become the best player in the arena.

How to play game

In this game, you control a character, navigate around, and gather different kinds of resources to become stronger.

There are different kinds of resources like trees, fruits, and rocks. Use your axe and weapons to collect them.

The objective is, of course, to put your name on the leaderboard.

As an io game, you have to compete with other players in the arena. Attack and defeat them and try to survive at all costs.

Players can customize their character with different skins. Head to the Shop to buy and unlock different cool items in game!

Game controls

  • WASD / Arrows to move.
  • Left click or Spacebar to hit.
  • Right-click to equip a shield.
  • E to auto hit.
  • F to mark a location on the map.
  • Q to heal.
  • X to lock rotation.
  • Number keys to select hotbar item.
  • Enter to chat.
  • Backspace to show FPS or ping.
  • Click on resources to drop the crate.


Have Fun!