Draw Race IO

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How to play:

Draw Race IO is a fun racing game, control your car to collect coins and knock your opponents out of the racing arena. Are you ready for this fiery race?

You will feel interesting when you are the one who creates the track for your beloved car. Draw the track according to the infinity guide and you will see the track that you want the car to move along. You will be able to scribble about the most unbelievable roads. Because this is a multiplayer game, watch out for your opponents to not let them push you off the track. Don't be a lazy person, be active! You will also come across gold coins that you should try to collect to improve your vehicle's maneuverability and body strength. This is paramount when dealing with opponents. The victory in Draw Race IO will be yours if you can push them all off the playing field.


  • Use your mouse to draw lines on the hint frame to control your car.
Have Fun!